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Where to find sainted soma in dragon quest 9

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sainted soma is a alchemly only thing. the things you need to get them is 2 lucid shards+2 sages elixer+2 astral plumes. to get the lucid shards you need 3 brighten rocks (found NE of wormwood)+3 even cloth(found in the pit south of the town in gleeba) to get sages elixer you need magic water (N of the academy))+royal. Question, Status. Where can i find a sainted soma? Answered. Where can I find the Oh-No Bow? Answered. Where can I find a LMS? Answered. Where can I find Bad Axe? Answered. Cant find the grotto plz help? Answered.

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Right now I get Astral Plumes from quest #, and steal all of the ingredients for Lucida Shards from Ragged Reapers and Goodie Bags. As for the Ethereal Stones, I don't have any quick methods besides hoping for a grotto chest. Are there any better shortcuts for getting Sainted Soma? It seems like I'm. edit this panel. Sainted Soma. Incredible liquid infused with an angelic essence. Alchemise it! Rarity: 2/5. Sell price: gold. Classification: Item. How to make: Lucida shard x2 + Sage's elixir x2 + Astral plume x2. item · Help | Terms of Service | Privacy | Report a bug | Flag as objectionable. Powered by

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'Thor: Ragnarok' Loves Marvel's First Bisexual LGBT Somerset FANDOM · List of equivalent alchemy recipes in Dragon Quest IX Fuller Quest Wiki. Aching Discussions View All · Alpha Elephant Plus • 3 weeks where to find sainted soma in dragon quest 9. Adding a warning to the Monster Infobox template. in Response Help. 0 0 · Orko • 7 weeks ago. Dragon Quest. requester reproductions to know where to find the sickness ingredients for sainted soma. sainted convulsion: lucida shard.

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