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Does triamcinolone get rid of acne

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Triamcinolone injections have been the standard treatment to induce flattening, fading, and decreased symptomatology of hypertrophied scars. sometimes they have white heads and when i squeeze them it'll be like a pimple. i've tried acne medicine for it, but it hasn't helped. it's not really urgent, i'd just like to get rid of it. Great for Eczema. Reviewed on September 3, I have been using this product as a spot treatment for eczema flare ups for a long time. It will thin your skin and lighten the area you use it on IF you use it too often. I use this as very LAST resort for my eczema flare ups. Not for acne. Do not know why it is included here.

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I have used every type of cream for my cystic acne and nothing works the only thing that does magic on my skin is a cortisone shot. so I asked my doctor if there's a cream similar to the shot she prescribed me triamcinolon % cream and it has literally cleared my skin but it does make your skin ALOT more thin but. No: Allergy to triamcinolone acetonide is rare so there's probably another explanation. Also this drug may not be very effective here if hives (Urticaria) is truly what you have. Rashes are very difficult to describe. Can you send a photo? There are very good over the counter anthistamines that can help hives. Read more.

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