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30 mg hydrocodone at once

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How’s it going anonone, I once took ten hydrocodone / APAP pills.. which is the equivalent of 75 mg hydrocodone and grams APAP dysfunction luckily I didn’t go for that one extra pill that night.. not to mention its practically a waste to go over 30 mg hydrocodone anyway, the  one percocet after 12 days clean.. now what?? 30mg now should get you high yeah. Hydrocodone orally is one of the most euphoric opiates in my opinion (which is often overlooked by IV users who forget what it's like), so don't start messing with the strong ones like hydromorphone. They will just raise your tolerance and not get you as euphorically high.

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After not taking a vidicon for a long time I took some the other day 25mg and felt pretty good. Then the next day I took 30mg of hydrocodone and didn't feel it much. So I was going to do a cold water extraction. How much would I be able to take without OD and without taking too much since I've only taken it  Opinions - - How much hydro does it take to get YOU high? I've been taken 20 to 30 MGs of hydrocodone daily for one year. I'm running out of pills and don't want to go to the doctor for anymore refills if I just stop cold turkey will I have withdrawals and if so how bad are hydrocodone withdrawals and how long do they last? ## I've been taking hydrocodone 's.

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