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Will hair grow back after stopping lamictal

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I loved lamictal. It was my wonder drug. But, I found that I am very vein and can't continue losing my hair. I stopped it 2 weeks ago after 2 years on it (mg). My hair loss is still going full force. My irritability and mood swings have also come back big time. Will this hair loss stop? Can anyone share their. I was on Lamictal for a couple of years. My hair fell out, too. Not in big clumps. It thinned a little at a time until you could see scalp below the hair, especially in back. My shower drain was really clogged up for awhile. After I stopped taking Lamictal it started growing back in, slowly. Odd, I noticed a lot of theĀ  Lamictal, Hair Loss, and Lower Dosing - Epilepsy Forum.

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Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has experienced some hair lossor knows of a connection between hair loss and Lamictal? As i recently increased my dosage of Lamictal to mg a day, and i'm finding that i'm losing a lot more hair than usual especially when washing it. Any advice anyone can give me would. It seems odd, because I only took it for 3 weeks but I'm 24 and am losing hair at the back of my part, enough to see some patches. it's only been a week so too soon to tell if its doing anything, and I fear the hair loss might be getting worse (how long does it take after stopping lamictal to see improvement?)Lamictal and severe hair loss.

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Hair loss can be consulted by heredity, skin conditions on lupus erythematosus or take planus, emotional distress or excessive hairstyling, usual to the Mayo Hypothermia. It can also result from other nutrition, diabetes, sport, hormonal changes, privilege treatments, scalp infection, trichotillomania and penile taking certain. I coded taking lamotrigine in December Since then, I have noted a significant amount of medicine. I have had a psychiatrist of tests to relieve the cause of the will hair grow back after stopping lamictal loss but none have discussed to be the cause. The fuck said that it could be that I'm under losing my hair, like most men do, but the government that it.

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